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XT4 Second Stage, Dive Rite

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Dive Rite’s cutting-edge second stage regulator delivers unmatched ease of breathing underwater.

The state-of-the-art XT4 Second Stage features a pneumatically-balanced design with consistent gas pressure for easy inhalation. Compared to previous iterations, the size of the regulator has been reduced and the exhaust tee has been trimmed and angled for a more streamlined package. Sandblasting and hard coat anodizing result in a durable matte finish with the ultimate abrasion resistance. Available as a standard left-hand or right-hand regulator.

This regulator was designed using the Venturi Effect to direct airflow directly from the valve to the mouthpiece, resulting in the smoothest possible inhalation. An “easy grip” dive/pre-dive switch allows the diver to avoid a free flow at the surface and works well even with gloves. This adjustable design enables the diver to fine-tune their cracking pressure to suit their preferred breathing resistance.

All internal moving parts in the XT4 Second Stage are coated in Teflon and a finned metal heat exchanger is utilized for improved cold-water use. The XT4 is suitable for oxygen-enriched mixtures if precautions are taken (diver must use oxygen-compatible materials, keep the regulator clean from contaminants during assembly and use, and open the tank valve slowly).

Tech Info

  • Weight: 9.4 oz (266 g).
  • Balanced downstream internal second stage valve.
  • Second stage adjustment knob fine-tunes inhalation effort.
  • Can be oriented for left or right hose routing.
  • Oxygen compatible O-rings and lubricant.
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