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XT1 First Stage, Dive Rite

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Experience uninterrupted gas flow and smooth work-of-breathing no matter your depth or tank pressure.

Dive Rite’s balanced XT1 First Stage utilizes a rotating turret design ideal for technical diving. Two high pressure ports are angled ninety degrees from the regulator fitting for optimal hose routing. Five low pressure ports on a swivel turret also contribute to the most streamlined possible hose routing. Rugged construction and the use of black diamond-like carbon brass mean that this regulator will continue to look good as it performs no matter what you throw at it.

The XT1 First Stage is environmentally sealed to protect against internal corrosion, contaminants, and freezing so you can feel confident diving this regulator in any underwater environment. The XT1 is suitable for oxygen-enriched mixtures if precautions are taken (diver must use oxygen-compatible materials, keep the regulator clean from contaminants during assembly and use, and open the tank valve slowly).

Tech Info

  • Material: Black DLC-coated brass.
  • Weight (DIN): 1 lb, 15.2 oz (885 g).
  • Weight (Yoke): 2 lbs, 6.8 oz (1,100 g).
  • Intermediate Pressure: 140 PSI.
  • 5 LP ports (3-8/24 UN).
  • 2 HP ports each angled 90° from fitting (7/16-20 UNF/ISO 263).
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