XM3 EO1 Expedition (Scubamafia) - Plura Valley

XM3 EO1 Expedition (Scubamafia)

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Made to order, delivery time abt 2 weeks.

Canister-type led torch.

Canister machined from solid piece of delrin. Length 280mm, diameter 80mm.
Head machined of aluminium, black anodized. The head is equipped with adjustable goodman handle.

There are two outputs in batterycanister. One is connected to XM3 light head and another is equipped with E/O-cord. Both outputs have their own switches. E/o-cord can be used to feed f.ex. heatvest.

3 leds, 7° focused spot.
35w *.

Dry weight 2,75kg.
Depth rating 300m.

Powered by 388,5 Wh (35Ah) 11,1V Lithium-ion battery, 8 hrs burn time**.
Delivered with 3,3 A charger. Recharge time from complete discharge 8 hrs.
Charger is provided with European cord and it is compatible with 110-240V grids.

* Manufacturers rating for this led is 100lm/w.

**Burn time varies depending on environment. When used in cold water, light performances best, giving it maximum output with 8 hrs burn time. Warmer conditions or using above the surface reduces the power and burntime increases. If E/O-cord output is used to feed f.ex. heatvest, burntimes are naturally shorter.

Designed to be used underwater only.

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