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T-housing power adapter

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  • The H8ENERGY power bank and charging adapter is made to triple the battery capacity of your GoPro HERO 8 above and under water!
  • For underwater use, we recommend it with the T-housing H8ENERGY aluminum housing (TH-200280). This product also comes with a skeleton frame that can be mounted on standard GoPro mounts.
  • This product can also serve as a charging cradle, just simply plug the H8ENERGY adapter onto your Hero 8.
  • The integrated USB-C charging socket can be used to charge the two batteries used in stand-alone operation, as well as the battery in the Hero8 when docked.
  • Please note that batteries are not included and the the charging adapter is not waterproof. The illustrated camera and other accessories are NOT included.

Main Specs:

  • Model Name: H8ENERGY
  • Part Type: Power bank

T-housing power

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