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Sidewinder Jump reel Dive Rite

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North Florida cave diver, Woody Jasper, first invented sidewinder-style reels around 1980. Less likely to entangle than other reels on the market, Woody’s original reel was made of aluminum and a PVC spool. The side-handle style of the reel lent itself to exploration because it could easily switch from hand to hand while laying out line. Our Sidewinder series of reels are designed to be anti-jam by using precision machine tolerances between the frame and the spool making it nearly impossible for the line to slip between the spool and the handle. The Sidewinder Jump/Gap Reel is used to make a connection between permanent guidelines in a cave or to jump from the main line to offshoot lines. It comes with 50-feet of durable braided #24 line and a medium stainless bolt snap. The Sidewinder Jump/Gap Reel is ideal for use in high flow cave systems where it can be paid in/out very quickly versus spool-design reels.

  • DuPont fiber braid line provides strength and minimizes fraying.
  • Cave series reels use #24 braid line giving 220-lbs of breakage strength.
  • Injection molded polycarbonate spool resists breakage and cracking.
  • Marine grade stainless steel axle is corrosion resistant.
  • High quality aircraft grade aluminum frame is corrosion resistant.
  • Marine grade stainless steel bolt snap is corrosion resistant.
  • Knurled lockdown screw has a low profile to prevent snagging
  • 12 oz (340g)
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