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Shearwater Teric + Swift transmitter

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Full Colour. High Resolution. AMOLED.

A watch and dive computer for those just starting out, or the most demanding technical diver. Wireless charging, Bluetooth log book downloads to the free Shearwater Cloud app and changeable colour strap options to match your gear.

Crisp and bright AMOLED screen, the same technology used in flagship smartphones, display information customisable by the diver in a choice of colour schemes. Larger display modes and high contrast means it’s easy to read for those who normally struggle with dive watches.

Intuitive smart adaptive logic make the controls easy to use. A programmable button lets the diver access their most frequently used functions with one touch.

Choice of modes including recreational, technical, rebreather or dedicated free diving. Nitrox, Trimix and multigas make it a dive watch that will never be outgrown.

Multi Diving Modes
There are 5 diving modes including recreational, technical, rebreather and freediving. It supports Nitrox, Trimix and multigas, making it a dive watch that grows with the diver.

Configurable haptic and audible alarms.

For depth and time:

  • Can be disabled
  • Configurable sampling rates

Improved ascent and descent rate indicators.

Simple and Powerful
The Teric has a 3.53 cm AMOLED screen with deep blacks and vivid colour display. The diver can choose the different brightness levels by pushing the Light button. It is constructed with blue sapphire glass and 316 stainless bezel and buttons.

The diver can easily navigate and customize diving information displayed on the home screen. There are different watch faces and 15 colour options available to match your style and occasions.

There are two types of layouts, Standard or Big, that the diver can choose to use depending on the amount of information and character size preferred. Important information such as safety stops, tank air pressure, type of gases, digital compass, surface time, GTR, temperature and more can be easily viewed by pushing the info button. NDL information will always be visible on the home screen.

The Teric is air integrated and can connect up to two transmitters.

  • Battery Type: 3V CR2 Lithium(User Replaceable)
  • Battery Life: About 300 hours
  • Depth Rating:152m
  • Bluetooth & Wireless Charging with USB cable (cable is included with the wireless charger).In the Dive Log menu, a diver can quickly view detailed graphs and dive information such as dive log list, water temperature changes, depth, start and end time, air pressure data, air consumption, surface interval time and more, are all easily available at the diver’s fingertips.

    The Teric has an NDL planner and a DECO planner that divers can use to plan their dives. The decompression algorithm that Shearwater uses is the Bühlmann GF algorithm.

    Cloud Control
    Divers can easily link their Teric dive watch with bluetooth connection, allowing them share information on multiple devices such as smartphone, tablets and desktop. Using the free Shearwater Cloud app, the diver can review, edit and synchronize dive logs. Divers can also update firmware or change the language on the go.

  • Swift

    The Swift allows divers to carry multiple transmitters reliably. The collision avoidance protocol allows for multiple transmitters to be used at the same time with a lower likelihood of dropped communications. The Swift is designed and built in Canada for demanding divers of all proficiency levels.

    Smart AI Technology

    • Advanced collision avoidance system ensures reliability using multiple transmitters.
    • Randomized transmit interval allows for reliable simultaneous use of multiple SWIFT transmitters.

    Compatible with all air integrated Shearwater dive computers

    • Connects to Teric, Perdix AI and Nerd 2 computers.
    • Compatible with many other computers that are already on the market.

    Up to 300 dive hours


    • Advanced collision avoidance system ensures reliability using multiple transmitters
    • Randomized transmit interval allows for reliable simultaneous use of multiple Swift transmitters
    • LED status indicator
    • Easy ‘no tools’ installation and removal on divers first stage
    • Compatible with all existing air integrated Shearwater dive computers and many other computers already on the market
    • The Swift was designed with the use of multiple transmitters in mind. It “listens” for other transmitters in the vicinity, and dynamically changes its transmit interval to avoid interference.

      It works with all pre-existing Shearwater AI computers, and likely to work with computers from other brands that use MH8A marked transmitters. However, operation with dive computers from other brands cannot be guaranteed.

      4-transmitter support has been added in a recent free firmware update to all Shearwater AI compatible computers. This new feature allows the gas pressure of up to 4 cylinders to be viewed simultaneously.

      The Swift has many improvements over legacy Shearwater transmitters:

      • The active interference avoidance system allows multiple transmitters to work side-by-side without signal interference The maximum recommended number of legacy transmitters was two (one grey, one yellow)
      • The indicator LED provides quick diagnostic information
      • Smaller than legacy Shearwater transmitters
      • Has a robust metal base that allows for hand installation without the need for special tools or wrenches
      • Double O-ring design reduces the chance of a flood after a battery change
      • Unlikely to be mistaken for a tank valve knob
      • Designed and built in British Columbia, Canada
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