Course: NSS-CDS Cave Recovery - Plura Valley

Course: NSS-CDS Cave Recovery

kr 12.000,00

– Full cave diver

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NSS-CDS Cave recovery / First responder with Tech-rescue course, by Martin Robson.

The NSS-CDS Recovery Diver Course is aimed at suitably qualified and experienced Cave divers who might have a need to organise their own rescue groups for remote or poorly supported regions or where a group of cave divers can demonstrate a need for this level of training. Based on IUCRR methodology, Martin is one of just a few NSS-CDS Cave Instructors authorised to deliver this programme. Completely rewritten by Martin to cover everything a Recover Diver will need to know including rescues, recoveries, liaising with local authorities and incident management. The NSS-CDS Recovery Diver course is one of the few courses to offer formal training and certification for these kind of skills through a recognized training agency.

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