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DTD quick fix harness

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The DIR Zone Quick Fix Harness Kit is the true luxury harness! This harness kit from DIR Zone comes with everything needed to put together a harness where the shoulder straps can be completely opened with ease. Two straps with stainless steel buckles are included instead of one long strap like with the Standard Harness Kit. The buckles are designed so that wont un-intentionally come apart but opening them when needed or wanted is an easy task. For those diving in a harness that have never tried the comfort of an adjustable harness, the DIR Zone Quick Fix Harness Kit will be a true treat. All the hardware included in the Quick Fix Harness Kit is heavy-duty stainless steel and meant for repeated use. Elastic bands are included to be able to attach a backup light, with extra bands if wanted on both sides or in case of breakage. This DIR Zone Quick Fix Harness Kit is a universally known design within the dive community that can be adjusted to fit almost any diver.


– 2 x straps with ‘Quick-Fix’ Stainless steel buckle, 50mm
– knife with sheath
– Stainless-steel buckle
– Elastic bands (4 x narrow, 1 x wide)
– Crotch strap with one integrated d-ring


– 2 x bent d-rings
– 2 x d-ring
– 5 x belt stoppers
– 2x belt stoppers large
– Weight: 1,00 kg

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