Course: Cavern Diver 11.07.24 - Plura Valley

Course: Cavern Diver 11.07.24

kr 6.000,00

2 days

Are you ready to explore the real kingdom of the mountain? Pack your drysuit (or rent one) and join in on the next cavern course. On this course we access the first section of the cave. We will explore the area of the cave where we still can see daylight.

Availability: 1

From 11/07 tom 13/07 2024.

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Twin room is available for selected dates.


Skills: Line laying, redundancy and teamwork are all key elements to this course. We will practice blind exit, Reel handling, bailout exit (If you dive CCR), lost buddy and more.

Requirements: Certified OW diver 25 logged dives (minimum). Completed the Enriched air Nitrox course (can be done in the same go).

The course can be done on your normal configuration.
Single tank, Sidemount, Twin set, Horizon SCR or following CCR: rEvo, JJ-CCR, T-reb, Poseidon, Liberty, Megalodon, Triton and Inspiration.

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