Course: Advanced Nitrox Diver - Plura Valley

Course: Advanced Nitrox Diver

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Are you looking to expand your dive time? Maybe you’re a scientific diver or photographer looking to stay in the water a little longer? The Advanced Nitrox Course qualifies divers to use enriched air nitrox from EAN 21 through EAN 100 percent within your current certification level to a maximum depth of 40 metres.

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If you have an interest in moving forward with your technical diving education this is the first step. This course is also the foundation for your future possible decompression dives or CCR education.

On this course we go through the physics and physiology relating to diving with gas mixes containing more than 40% oxygen. We go through; Gas planning, dive tables, dive computers, oxygen limitations, nitrogen limitations, Equipment considerations, cylinder labeling, analyzing nitrox mixtures, gas blending procedures, and oxygen service ratings for using gases with more than 40% oxygen.

Minimum of 25 logged dives

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