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#1 scubamafia

kr 5.800,00

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Canister-type LED light specially designed for air travelers. The light complies with IATA regulations for battery-powered equipment carried on an aircraft and can be carried in hand luggage without restriction. The light is powered by a lithium-ion battery, has a power of 15w and a burning time of 5 hours. Beam width 7 degrees. The light head is machined from aluminum and the battery case from Delrin. Brand new bungeon handle at the light head. The light has the CE mark as well as the symbol of Finnish work, the key flag mark. The light weighs 950g and the dimensions of the battery case are 56x207mm. Maximum working depth 300m. The light has a 2-year warranty. Battery capacity 75Wh, battery voltage 11.1V The price includes a 1 A charger that charges the battery from zero to full in about 7 hours. The charger runs on 110-240 volts. Cable length 115cm.

Canister has machined slot for standard 50mm belt for attachment.

On special order maximum cable legth 2m.

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