Plura lounge - Plura Valley

Welcome to the Plura Lounge

-After a dip,
take a sip

The Plura Lounge is a place unlike any other.

– Get ready to kick back and enjoy the Plura Specialities.

Janis love of Belgium beers are clearly reflected in the beverage selection, and the Lounge itself has a unique atmosphere. When you sit down you will find coffee table books about diving (of course). In addition Ina and Jani has a common interest of Gin, so there are always good Gins to choose from in the Plura Lounge.

In Plura Valley we have great surroundings for your next group get-together. The meeting facilities fits well for groups of up to 15 people, and has a stable wifi connection, 85 inch TV-screen and spacious work tables. Our chef is serving warm lunch and dinner to your preference, and the Plura Lounge has a wide selection of refreshments for the evening.

The hosts will take good care of you, and their motto is that “There is no problem that is too large to fix”.

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