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How cold is arctic cave diving?

The feeling of ice cold water on your cheeks as your head is slowly submerging. Small pinching in your skin, and you open your eyes to take in the beautiful sight of the underwater world. The water is 2-3℃ in the winter, and we enter the cave through a hole in the ice. We suit up properly (see list below), to keep the cold out. Still your lips and cheeks are exposed. You draw your first breath and the cold is making it weird to breathe for the first few breaths. Then you look around and suddenly it is not cold anymore. Crystal clear water, amazing rock formations and a few Arctic char swimming playfully around the cave entrance is taking over your attention.


What do we wear when we are diving in cold water?

  • Dry suit
  • 7-10mm hood
  • Dry gloves with 3 fingers, or mittens
  • Wool socks
  • 2 layers of thin wool next to the body
  • Heating west
  • Thick undergarment (Weezle or other undersuit)
  • Dry gloves
  • Inner gloves, alternative heated gloves



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