Heritage - Plura Valley

Tradition, development and cave diving


– The mountain farm next to the cave.

Just next to the cave entrance lies a small mountain farm, called Jordbru. Since the mid of the 18th century the farm has been in the Jordbru family’s possession, and Ina Santala Jordbru is the 6th generation from the family living by the Plura Cave system. In 2016 Ina and Jani Santala, a Finnish cave diving instructor, met in the back yard. Jani is a proper dive enthusiast, chef and electrician. He had been sailing the seven seas and seen all the corners of the world through his job as a Chief Steward. In 2019 Ina and Jani got married inside the Plura cave.

The water has been streaming through the core of the mountain and eaten through layer upon layer of chalk stone. Over a time span of millions of years, this has created Plura, the massive 2600 meter long cave system with spectacular marble formations.

Guinnes world record

– Did you know that they made it to the Guinness World Records? «The largest dive access only water-locked wedding ceremony». Check it out here:

Together they have built up a cave diving resort “at the end of the world”. They have a common goal of making the truth about cave diving known to the world. With the right skill-set and training it is a safe hobby that takes you to amazing places. It is a unique and beautiful nature experience – maybe the closest you will ever get to being in outer space without leaving Earth.

A dive in Plura is a unique encounter with nature, a weightless journey through the mountain – and an experience of a lifetime.
Jani Santala, Chief Instructor Trainer, Plura Diving

The Plura Valley Team. From left: Olavi Santala, Linnea Skar, Jani Santala, Ina Santala Jordbru, Åshild Skarpås, Tuomas Jurvelin.
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