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The Plura Cave System

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Jani teach these courses:

Ice Diver | Cavern Diver | Cave Course | Full Cave | DPV Cave | Stage Cave | rEvo CCR User course | rEvo CCR MOD2 | rEvo CCR MOD3 | Horizon SCR user course | Nitrox | Intro to Tech | Instructor Courses | Advanced gas blender | Advanced Nitrox | Helitrox | Advanced Trimix diver

Jani Santala

Chief Instructor Trainer.

Jani Started his diving career in 1988. The first interest in the underwater world came after reading numerous books by the pioneer, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, in his early childhood. Since then he has conducted more than 5000 dives, and now hold the highest instructor ratings for both SSI and TDI.

Jani has been full-time teaching since 2013, and his shared passion for diving and traveling has led him to some of the strangest – and most beautiful – places on the planet. With more than 600 overhead certifications issued, he is also one of the highest qualified cave instructors in Europe. With his knowledge and skills he has made Plura Valley famous for it’s competent and well equipped Dive Center.

Olavi Santala

Instructor and guide.

Olavi has been in love with water since the very beginning. He found the underwater world and diving mesmerizing from the very first try when he was only 10 years old.

Today he is 25 , and has been diving all over the world. «The endless exploring opportunities are something extraordinary that I haven’t found in any other sport or activity.» sais Olavi.

Olavi teach these courses:

Try Dive | Open Water Scuba Diver | Advanced Open Water | Nitrox | Intro to Tech | Rescue Diver | Dive Master | Deep Diving | Underwater Navigation | Advanced Buoyancy | Boat Diving | Dry Suit Diving | Ice Diving | DPV

Harald teach these courses:

Open water | Advanced open water | Deep diver | Drysuit diver | Navigation | Nitrox | TDI nitrox blender | TDI advanced blender | TDI sidemount

Harald Urdal

Instructor and guide.

Harald started diving in 2014, and from this point he has been interested in exploring the underwater world. The urge to always explore new sites in different environment (location, depth or overhead environment) has led him to both cave diving and trimix diving around the world.

In 2021 he started his professional career as a SDI / TDI dive instructor, and is currently teaching for Plura Valley in the Stavanger area.

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