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Plura is located in northern Norway, our enchanting valley promises an experience unlike any other.

While our location is famous for Plura Cave, we must not forget the beautiful plura valley surrounding this cave. The arctic climate of northern Norway freezes over the valley in the winter months and offers the opportunity for arctic ice diving in the pristine melting water.

Whether you are hear to learn, explore or relax, your hosts will make your stay unforgettable. Start your day with a lovely breakfast or a quick ice bath, followed by a real ice diving trip. Warm up in our saunas from the outside, or warm up from the inside at our bar.

We are currently working hard on finalizing our packages, but our doors are always open for you! Get in touch and Ina will let you know how you can enjoy the ice diving season at Plura Valley!

All packages contain: Diving, a guide, food and non alcoholic drinks* , gasses** (Air, O2, NX), rental tanks, accomodation, transport to/from the airport and to/from dive sites.

Let’s break the ice

3 Diving days, 4 nights. Discover Pluragrotta’s highlights

Our coolest package

5 Diving days, 6 nights. An “In-depth” experience of Pluragrotta

The icing on the cake

7 Diving days, 8 nights. Combine Pluragrotta with Litjåga Cave.

* We have a fully stocked bar on site for those who enjoy beer, wine and cocktails.
** Does not include helium

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