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Plura, located near Mo i Rana in northern Norway, is a unique cave diving destination that promises an experience unlike any other. Divers that are brave enough to go to the north for diving, are experiencing clear waters, marble rock formations and captivating underwater landscapes.

Beyond its beauty, Plura offers the thrill of adventure. Cold water combined with easy logistics, and competent staff makes this for a great place to learn new skills. The submerged passages of Plura is habited by Arctic char, trout, an occasional frog and other small critters.  The challenge of cold-water diving, in combination with the peaceful untouched nature, makes Plura a must-visit if you are seeking an unforgettable diving adventure that mixes challenge with wonder.

Discover why this underwater marble cave is the most popular cave diving destination in Scandinavia.

Cave diving package

Amazing marble passages, unlike anything you’ve seen!

Cave & wreck diving combo

Combination of epic cave diving and WW2 wrecks.

Ice diving

The go-to place for your first Ice Diving experience.

The Plura Cave System

The submersed echo of a lifetime

With an all-season average visibility of 35 meters (115 ft) Plura Cave offers a pristine cave diving experience while surrounding you by gorgeous marble walls and a gigantic breathtaking air chamber.

Cave diving package

The ultimate experience

Plura Valley offers cave diving like nowhere else. Plura Cave is the largest water-filled cave in Northern Europe and as far as we know, the only easily accessible Arctic marble cave.

In 2019 the cave was the venue of the largest dive access only water-locked wedding, marrying Jani Santala and Ina Santala Jordbru. Who will be hosting you during your stay at Plura.

Your hosts will make sure you are well fed, well prepared and that you have an experienced guide during your stay and dives in Pluragrotta. Read more about the Plura experience as well as the full cave diving packages via the button below.

Cave & Wreck diving in Helgeland

Caving in to your deepest desires

Look, no need to hide it, we know you like your confined spaces. While we love to have you over for our beautiful underwater marble cave, we don’t want to hold you back!

While not every wreck diver is able to cave dive, nearly every cave diver can wreck dive. As a nation surrounded by both mountain and sea, there are few better places to get the full experience.

Ina Santala Jordbru is the 6th generation from the family living by the Plura Cave system and carries 6 generations of knowledge of the area. In our cave and wreck diving package we will be making use of the knowledge to dive the best spots in the area.

Discover the well-preserved wrecks close to the Norwegian coast and don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore Norway’s hidden treasures with your hosts.

I am the captain now!

Less than 2 hours from Plura you can dive to the recently re-discovered wreck of the DS Torgtind! This ship was built in 1881 and tragically sunk in the start of World War II. ‘Walk’ where the last captain walked and take in the history.

Getting ready for some ice diving. Model: James Allen

Entering a different dimension

Winter season is peak for pristine visibility! In March and April the visibility gets upto 100 meters (328 ft). The power of the water from the cave (prior to the Kallvatnet dam) has washed out a 7 meter deep canyon that is perfect for ice diving in the winter.

Ice diving package

Ice Ice Baby

Plura Valley offers ice diving with easy logistics and an incredible view! If you haven’t tried it before, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The Arctic climate provides us with a steady supply of cold water, which makes our instructors some of the most experienced cold water divers in the world.

Ice diving is only available in the winter season months, in our case this means that we can offer the most reliable experience between December to April.

Additionally you can get your ice diver certification right with us! Check out or packages right below.

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Plura offers custom and luxury packages tailored to your group. Get in touch with us to discuss options and the availability of our VIP packages.

Included in all packages.

-Get your beautysleep right above the cave

We offer accommodation.

– Stay the night on site.

Dive by day. Relax in the warm sauna by night. Or how about a beer in the hot tub?

When the day comes to an end you can go to sleep in a clean bed, in a room that has what you need to recharge before another day in the water. Towels and bed linnen included.

Accomodations are included in each and every package we offer. Click one of the buttons above and book your preferred package!

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