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Plura is located in northern Norway, our enchanting cave diving destination promises an experience unlike any other.

If you have landed on this page, you probably know all about Pluragrotta, but in case you haven’t, read all about this mesmerizing cave destionation here.

Our cave diving tours offer you an amazing trip where you experience the rough wilderness of nothern Norway and explore northern Europe’s largest waterfilled cave, with its massive main tunnel and beautiful air chamber.

The fresh water deliveres a surprising visibility of an average of 35 meters, as long as you make sure that you don’t bring any silt kickers! In March and April the cave even offers approximately 100 meters of visiblity.

Plura’s cave diving tours come in three shapes, depending on how much you love cave diving and how far you are comfortable taking it!

All packages contain: Diving, a guide, food and non alcoholic drinks* , gasses** (Air, O2, NX), rental tanks, accomodation, transport to/from the airport and to/from dive sites.

Cave Explorer

3 Diving days, 4 nights. Discover Pluragrotta’s highlights

“In-depth” experience

5 Diving days, 6 nights. An “In-depth” experience of Pluragrotta

The combo package

7 Diving days, 8 nights. Combine Pluragrotta with Litjåga Cave.

* We have a fully stocked bar on site for those who enjoy beer, wine and cocktails.
** Does not include helium

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