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Plura Cave Concert
29th March 2024

Cave Concert

Access and conditions

To get to the venue of the concert we first need to cut a hole in the ice, dive under ice down to 6 meters depth, before entering the Plura Cave system.

Have you secured your spot?

Plura Cave Concert 2024 – a once in a lifetime cave diving experience!

How do I get a ticket?
The tickets are released on New Years Eve 2023. Place your order here.

There is not much time left until one of the coolest scuba diving events of the decade is happening. A live concert will be conducted 450meters (1476 feet) inside the mountain, and only certified cave divers can attend this spectacular event. After cave diving for almost half a kilometer through crystal clear water and marble passages, you reach a stunning air chamber. This will be the venue for the evening.

Is it really possible to play a live concert that is only accessible for cave divers?

The Plura air chamber/Chapel has already been the venue for one amazing event. Back in 2019 Plura was the host for an extraordinary Cave wedding, that even made it to the book of Guinness World Records. A total of 69 cave divers from 11 different countries was attending the ceremony. This event proved that it is possible, and now we are lifting the challenge to the next level.

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Cave Music

Being under ice is a very special feeling. It is like entering into another dimension, leaving the world on the surface behind. Photo Ari Linna

Divers highway into the Plura cave. These divers traveled all the way from Mexico to explore ice diving and cave diving combined.

Diver under ice with DPV, diving towards the cavern area

A fish on its journey inside the Plura cave. Amazing marble scolloping throughout the cave system. Photo Ari Linna

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